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Artist Books


Labyrinth woodcut on off-white paper (front in red and petrol, back in black) and linocut (front in yellow, back in yellow and neon green), handsewn with a red thread, labyrinth folding, embossed and signed.
72 x 54 cm
Book case in grey metallic-coloured linen, front with labyrinth blind embossing, letterpress “Minotaurus” in yellow and “Désirée Wickler” in petrol.
Yellow 3D print as closure with red elastic.
On the inside, two yellow linocuts “Ready!” and “Game over”, two red ribbons with embroidered game console motifs in black and petrol, an embroidered red puddle of blood and letterpress in petrol with the respective number of the edition and year.
29 x 29 x 5.3 cm
Edition 10, 2023


Artist book by Désirée Wickler, handmade paper with dancing skeletons as watermarks (Production: Gerard Paperworks), transparent linoprint, folded as leporello.
Size closed: 11,2 x 18,6 cm. Open: 50 x 50 cm.
Yellow book case with yellow letterpress, glued with hand-made papers of Gerard Paperworks, prints in transparent (front) and white (back), transparent letterpress. Inside with brocade material lined.
Bookbinding and letterpress: Norbert Hoffmann
16,4 x 24,5 x 4 cm.
Edition of 12 unique copies + 2 EA | 2019
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Entre chien et loup

(between dog and wolf, also: twilight)
Artist book by Désirée Wickler with original drawings (mixed media), handmade paper in cooperation with Gerard Paperworks (Rheinbach) in a full linen embossed cassette, accordeon bound.
Bookbinding and letterpress: Hoffmann und Stas Buchbinder GbR (Bonn)
Edition of 4 unique copies + 1 EA
Size closed: 78 x 37 cm, open: 78 x 354 cm | 2017
Photos: Ayse Tasci

10 little refugees

(aquatint, drypoint, letterpress on paper) in a full linen cassette with embroidery.
Artist book edition with life vest cassette: 5 unique copies + 1 EA
Edition of single original graphics: 5 x 10 prints
28 x 18 cm | 2016
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Tischlein Deck Dich

(the whising table)
Artist book by Sabine Hack (hand embroidery) and Désirée Wickler (serigraphies and bookbinding)
Edition of 4 unique copies
27 x 39 cm, 26 pages + impressum on endpaper | 2014
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Atemnot der Gebärmutter

(dyspnea of the uterus)
Lino print (lost form), letter press, booklinen cassette with embroidery and corsett lacing, nylon stockings
Edition of 6 unique copies, including 1 artist property
26 x 19 cm | 2013
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Ein ganzes Leben

(a whole life)
Artist book by Désirée Wickler for a poem by Joachim Ringelnatz, relief and stamp print on semitransparent paper, accordeon bound, booklinen cover closed by a small button.
Edition of 24 Unique copies, including 1 artist property
Size closed: 14,5 x 5,5 cm , open: 14,5 x 35,5 cm | 2011
Photos: Ayse Tasci


(handling witches)
Artist book by Désirée Wickler, lino and letterprint on paper, velvet bookcover with stamp print. Bookbinding: Norbert Hoffmann (Bonn)
Edition of 26 unique copies, including 1 artist property
52 x 30 cm | 2010
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Etwas Ernstes

(something serious)
Woodprint on paper and semitransparent paper, japanese side-stiching
Edition of 10 unique copies, including 1 artist property
21 x 15 cm | 2009
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Ein Rollenspiel

(role play)
Stamp print on fabric in a full linen cassette with brass buttons
Edition of 5 unique copies inlcluding 1 artist property
20 x 18 cm | 2009
Photos: Ayse Tasci


(death of a daily routine)
Artist book based on musicalbum Egodram by Das Ich. Acrylic stencil print and original ink drawings on paper, cutouts, front thread binding, booklinen with stamp prints, gold edding.
Edition of 5 unique copies inlcluding 1 artist property
14 x 18 cm | 2008
Photos: Ayse Tasci

Eine Nacht

(one night)
Linoprint, ink and stamp wrinting on deckle-edged paper in a pillow bookcase.
Edition of 5 unique copies inlcluding 1 artist property
20 x 20 cm | 2007
Photos: Ayse Tasci


(Dance of death)
Drawings (Graphite) on paper, Inkjet-Print on Japanese tissue paper, golden thread, Cover: fake leather.
Unique copy in private property.
30 x 21 cm | 2006

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