Désirée Wickler

Zeichnung, Künstlerbuch und Druckgrafik



Four-colored wood- and linocut on black Sommerset paper
26 x 56 cm
Edition 7, 2023

Game Over

Nine-colored wood- and linocut on black Sommerset paper
26 x 56 cm
Edition 7, 2023

Bodies I – IV

Etching in sepia and linocut in warm yellow on off-white paper (300g/m²) with embossing and artist signature.
Papersize: 28 x 38 cm, Printsize: 9,7 x 20,3 cm.
Edition 10 | 2022


Linoprint (lost form) in five variations of pink and yellow on white paper with linen structure. Borderless print.
20 x 30 cm
Edition 28 | 2021


Various papers with linocut graphics and etchings
Different sizes, 2020/202

Window exhibition Im Dialog: Désirée Wickler und Klaus Krumscheid

After various individual graphics have been created, the presentation of the printed works should also make the technical and mental creation process visible.
From 9th May 2021, a printed dialogue between Désirée Wickler and Klaus Krumscheid took place in the windows of the art association Kunstverein Linz e.V. at Markt9 in Linz am Rhein. The passing spectators were able to follow the conversation over two weeks. Every day, communication expanded with new original graphics and answers printed directly on the wall.

In contrast to the fast sending of texts and digital images, the hand-printed graphics need expended effort and require several days of production. The quick typing of two or three sentences requires hour-long stamping with concentration and without autocorrection. Through the public creation process, visitors could directly participate in the resulting dialogue. The intimate space opened into the public and provided impressions of the different ways of working and the gradually discoverable similarities of two artists.

With the support of the Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz für Kultur (Projektstipendium Fokus Kultur RLP)

km 630

Linoprint (lost form) in light pink, pink, petrol, dark blue, oliv, bordeaux and gold on off-white paper. Borderless print.
14,5 x 40,5 cm
Edition 10 | 2021

Erpeler Ley

Linoprint (lost form) in yellow, light blue, middle blue, dark blue,orange and dark green on off-white paper. Borderless print.
15 x 45 cm
Edition 7 | 2020

The news of tomorrow

Handmade paper in cooperation with gerard paperworks with embossing an prints from material used to do letterpress.
each 11,5 x 23,5 cm
117 unique copies | 2020

Chairs I – III

Aquatinta, etching, linoprint on off-white paper.
Edition 5
13 x 13 cm | 2020

x2 Armor

Linoprint (lost form) in turquoise, ochre and aubergine on off-white paper with blind letterpress.
Edition 60
13 x 13 cm | 2020


Lino print (lost form) in pink, sepia, ochre, green and yellow on white paper.
Edition 10
22,5 x 39 cm | 2020

Little monsters I – II

Aquatinta, etching, linocut in black on white paper. Borderless print.
Edition 15
18 x 18 cm | 2019 – 2020

Coffee to go

Three-colored linocut in yellow, white and transparent on handmade paper by Gerard Paperworks in arcaded shape. Borderless print.
Edition 30
20 x 34 cm | 2019


Stencilprint and wooden letterpress on off-white paper. Borderless print.
Edition 14
20 x 34 cm | 2019

Mother Tuam

Woodcut on Aquarelle Arches paper.
Edition 3
104 x 208 cm | 2018

Birdie I – III

Aquatinta, etching , linocut on Hahnemühle paper. Borderless print.
Edition 5
34 x 24 cm | 2018

Überwachung rund um die Uhr

(monitoring all around the clock)
Three-colored linocut in light-, medium- and darkgrey on hand made paper. Borderless print.
Edition 20
34 x 24 cm | 2018

Sea Love

Two-colored linocut in petrol and bordeaux on Hahnemühle paper. Borderless print.
24 x 34 cm
Edition 20 | 2018


10 Prints. Three-colored woodcut in dusky pink, grey and black on white paper. Borderless print.
Edition 3, including 1 artist property
170 x 120 cm | 2012

Utopie gesucht

(looking for utopia)
Woodcut in dark green and deep pink lettering on packing paper. Borderless print.
Unlimited edition
50 x 70 cm | 2012


(collective madness)
Three-colored linocut in green, pink and black on white paper.
Unlimited edition
48 x 67 cm | 2011

Carne Vale

Photopolymerprint on white paper.
Edition 111
26,6 x 19 cm | 2011

Alles muss versteckt sein

(everything must be hidden)
Print and mixed media on off-white paper. Borderless print.
Edition 12, including 1 artist property
41,8 x 19,8 cm | 2010

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